resource persons in Indonesian business and property valuation standard and regulation


  • Saiful M. Ruky, Founding/Senior Partner
    Founder of RSR, and holds a Drs degree in Business Economics from Padjajaran University-Indonesia, a Graduate Diploma from RVB-Netherlands, and an MBA from European University. Ruky is a leading practitioner and sponsor of business valuation service in Indonesia. He introduced the discipline of business valuation to the Indonesian appraiser society after studying it at Arthur D. Little Institute in Boston, USA, and Institute of Business Appraisers in Washington, DC, and New York.

    He is a Senior Accredited Business Valuer (Berakreditasi Penilai Usaha Senior/BPU-S) from IPPUI and Mappi Cert from MAPPI and currently a registered certified public appraiser at Bapepam-LK. Ruky has over 40 years of experience in the real sector, project finance, and business valuation. He also worked as a project financing consultant for the World Bank.

    Ruky is a frequent speaker in various seminars/trainings, a resource person in business valuation standard and regulation making by related associations and authorities. He also wrote numerous articles on business valuation, and has published 2 textbooks used as references of Indonesian business valuers, "Menilai Penyertaan Dalam Perusahaan" and "Fairness Opinion, Pendapat Kewajaran Transaksi Korporasi". He is an active member of the Board of Appraiser and the Board of Examiner Advisors at MAPPI.

  • Rudi M. Safrudin, Managing Partner
    Co-founder of RSR. An industrial engineering graduate of ITB-Bandung and master of management from Prasetya Mulya Business School who first dipped into business valuation over 16 years ago, and has since been recognized as a competent and an outstanding practitioner in the business. Safrudin has joined the company since its first inception as Ruky & Rekan and is widely viewed as Ruky's successor.

    He is a registered public appraiser at Bapepam-LK, and is designated as an Accredited Business Valuer from IPPUI and Mappi Cert from MAPPI. Safrudin has a wide experience in business valuation and corporate finance advisory, mostly in mining valuation.

    He is a frequent instructor in various business valuation trainings at MAPPI, and often a resource person for standard and regulation making in business valuation by appraiser associations, capital market and other related authorities.