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Provided by competent team, equipped with Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in compliance with Otoritas Jasa Keuangan & Kementrian Keuangan Republik Indonesia

Valuation is needed for various purposes, with the two most common are corporate actions and financial reporting.

Corporate actions that are implemented in many corporate transactions require an objective value opinion as the basis of those transactions. RSR has a wide experience to support corporate transactions. Its active involvement in the capital market has solidified RSR as one of the leading professional supports in the capital market, especially as a business valuation provider.

In order to provide more transparency to all stakeholders and to implement good corporate governance, financial reports must now be presented in both its book and fair values. As a business valuation provider with wide experience in intangible assets valuation, purchase price allocation, and impairment test, RSR is ready to support our clients’ accountants and management needs and requirements.

We provide comprehensive valuation services to support corporate actions and financial reporting. RSR services cover a complete spectrum of purposes for which valuation services may be required, such as:

  • Valuation of Equity and other securities – PPE & Biological Assets – Brand and Other Intangible Assets – Fairness Opinion – Investment Analysis – Feasibility Studies – Business Planning – Project Monitoring – Other/ Special Purposes: Restructuring, Economic Damage/Losses, Balance Sheet Test.
  • Valuation forFair Value Accounting (Under PSAK & IFRS Accounting) – Purchase Price Allocation – Impairment Test.
  • Valuation of Fixed Assets – Machinery – Plantation – Real Estate – Office Building – Heavy Equipment – Ship/Vessel. for Asset Revaluation, Financial Reporting, Merger/Acquisition, Collateral.


  • Valuation of Equity, Licence, Securities, and other Business Ownership Interests
  • Bonds, Derivatives and other Financial Instruments
  • Fairness Opinion of a corporate transaction
  • Economic damages of an interest disputes
  • Balance Sheet test

Business valuation is often required to support corporate actions such as transfer of business ownership, corporate restructuring and recapitalization, partnership dissolution, portfolio management of assets and stocks, and recently, presentation of financial reports to meet the accounting standard (PSAK, IFRS).


  • Marketing related: brands, trademarks
  • Contract related: Customer Lists, Sales/Agency Contracts, Distribution rights & Networks, Franchises and Licensing Agreements
  • Technology related: engineering drawings, industrial designs, recipes
    Computer related: Software Licenses, IT Products, Databases
  • Intellectual Property and other intangible assets: copyrights, designs, Patents, trade secret
  • In Process Research and Development/IPR&D Intangible Assets
  • Others, pool of employees, Goodwill

Intangible assets and IPRD valuations are required in transfer of ownership transactions, royalty rate assessments, purchase price allocations in an M&A and for financial reporting purposes.


  • Plantations, livestock, fishery, forestry
  • Mining: coal, oil and gas, minerals assets, production sharing and other mining related contracts

Proper valuation of these assets is required not only for transactions, but also for financial reporting purposes. RSR has a solid understanding and an extensive experience in conducting these types of asset valuations. Many of the major players in coal, oil and gas mining industry in Indonesia are clients of RSR.


  • Appraisal of Industrial Assets: property, plants and equipment (PPE)
  • Appraisal of Real Estates: land, residential and commercial, retail spaces, shopping malls, hotels and hospitality properties.
  • Stock and Inventory Valuation
  • Power Plants, Gasoline Stations
  • And Other Tangible Assets

Real property appraisal is usually required to support corporate actions such as transfer of ownership, initial public offerings, credit collateral, insurance, and financial reporting i.e. purchase price allocation, impairment test, and fair value accounting.


RSR also provides other valuation-related and/or corporate transaction-related services, such as:

  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Investment Appraisal and/or Feasibility Study
  • Financial restructuring/recapitalization
  • Project Monitoring
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Other valuation-related activities are usually needed for companies planning to expand their businesses.